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Managing Complexity

Requires a good dose of simplicity.
You can not control what you don't measure

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OEEasy : Connect, Measure and Display

Install our devices in your lines and get a comprehensive picture of your plant floor


OEE summarizes all the acquired data in one number from 0 to 100


Visualize real time data and trends to make quick informed decisions


With independent sensors that don't interfere with existing automation

From Anywhere

Keep an eye on your plant from your desk or at home with all your devices

Graphic Dashboards

A powerful new way to visualize quantitative information

Picture it

Assess the plant situation with just one glance.

Our Devices

Independent wireless devices allow to deploy the OEEasy solution immediately.

How it works

OEEasy relies on a minimal distributed acquisition network of wireless sensors that is independent from your automation systems and very easy to install and setup

Identify what information you need from each production line and select a suitable sensor to read it.
DOT modules can be installed on the line or on the electrical enclosures. They communicate using a wireless protocol with the DASH gateways up to 150 feet away.
Once sensors are connected and devices are installed go to your preferred browser and point to, log in and you will be able to configure the data points and OEE related parameters
Enjoy your new source of wisdom from your preferred devices, phone , tablet or desktop computer. Install a big monitor on the plant floor. Export the data to Excel. The data is yours.

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